Here is the complete list of the 110 Messier objects, taken over the course of 4 years. Some are taken from a dark site in the mountains of North Carolina (Doughton Park on the Blue Ridge Parkway), some are taken from the light polluted suburbs of Charlotte.

The gallery presents some of the best pictures of nebulae, galaxies and clusters of stars, different from the Messier objects. All pictures have been taken on the Blue Ridge Parkway and have been exposed for a long time in order to have all colored details of the subject.

This section presents the results of 6 nights spent in June 2008 at New Mexico Skies, a private observatory in the mountains of New Mexico where the quality of the sky is excellent. Nebulae, galaxies and clusters have amazing contrast and dazzling colors.

This page will present you with a map of the sky in the northern hemisphere, divided in four parts for the four seasons. In each part you have the constellations, and in each constellation the Messier objects that have been photographed with a direct link to the picture.

Here is a gallery of wide-angle pictures taken with the Canon 200mm L f/2.8 lens or the Canon 100mm macro f/2.8 in order to include a lot of stars and multiple nebulae. Wide-angle pictures convey a very strong feeling of beauty.

Since the end of 2008, the aquisition of a CCD camera brings the astrophotography to another level of quality with much improved sensitivity and incomparable low amount of noise in the pictures. The possibilities offered by the camera enable to take amazing and unique pictures.

Mosaics are created by taking a few adjacent pictures and stitching them together to create a detailled wide angle view of the sky. For now, only a mosaic from Orion to the Horsehead is finished.

This page will list the equipment used to get the pictures (camera, telescope, mount, auto-guiding capability, software) as well as the different places from where the pictures are taken.

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